Hamburgers; potato salad with tarragon; frozen broccoli – 4 July 2012

It’s America’s birthday so what could we have but hamburgers?

D bought Semifreddi ciabatta rolls at the Bowl yesterday and popped them into the freezer. We took them out this morning to defrost; I cut them horizontally to make hamburger buns, and then cut each one top to bottom to make four rolls. Since there were three of us, I cut one in half, and the other unevenly. I had the bigger one, and D & R split the little one in addition to their main ones.

I defrosted two 1/2lb batches of hamburger from our Costco stash. Checking my previous hamburgers on this blog, I found that they had only chopped onions and a goodly dose of Worcestershire sauce, so I did that again. I tucked the mixture in the fridge till time to cook. I made two equal hamburgers out of half the mixture, and one large and one small with the other half. I salted them on the top side, and flipped them over (easier) onto the hot, oiled grill, cooked them a few minutes, flipped using my pancake-sized spatula and cooked some more (obviously, I totally did not time this). I got some organic “slicing tomatoes” that looked really good at Andronico’s (thanks to Andronico’s for being open on the 4th!) and they were pretty tasty. I was happy I went out to get them.

We have a goodly supply of tarragon in the garden, so I decided to make this potato salad from Saveur’s “Taste of Summer,” which I got at the Bowl before I was even a subscriber to Saveur (back in the Gourmet days). It’s a major favorite of mine during tarragon season.

I was going to buy some broccoli at Andronico’s but D pointed out that we had inherited some in frozen form from our neighbor T shen she moved out. We steamed it, but it was way overcooked and didn’t have much taste. We will need to cook the next batch much less. But reheated in butter with salt and pepper, it was ok, and nice and warming.

D chose our new Brutocao 2008 Mendocino Zinfandel from Grocery Outlet. R was especially impressed at how interesting it is, which made it an even better choice.

Black raspberry season! I collected a basket of them from the new house, (and there will be many more) and we decided to make a “mace cake” – the Tassajara Bread Book’s Torte with Sour Cream Fruit Topping. This first came up when I was deciding whether to make a run for tomatoes (whom could we trust to have decent tomatoes at the start of July?)  and D pointed out that, given the presence of the black raspberries, sour cream would also be a useful purchase.

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