Spaghetti with tomato-mushroom sauce; avocado salad – 11 July 2012

Our friend M was arriving but we didn’t know when, since he had an 11 hour drive. I had an idea what to make, but forgot his aversion to Roquefort, so we had to come up with another idea.

D had bought “used tomatoes” (Romas in a discount bag for 99 cents) at the Bowl and made a basic sugo out of them, adding some onions and thyme, so he added sliced mushrooms and some parsley and we had that over spaghetti for dinner. We also grated parmaggiano over the pasta using our little Zeiss cheese grinder. It was tasty but not the best we’ve ever had.


D had bought an Acme Italian batard at the Bowl, and M showed up with an excellent baguette from “little t american baker” in Portland, so we had especially good bread!

I washed the mushrooms and parsley, and finally remembered to prep some of the romaine from the Bowl for a salad. I had bought this mega avocado at the Bowl several days ago and D&R had had half for lunch, so I thought there would be too little. Boy was I wrong. I put the avocado chunks over the romaine, and added the dressing D had made using balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and it was a tasty, if unoriginal, salad.

D brought up a special wine since M was here to enjoy it: a CalStar 2007 Alta Zin, from Cardanini Estate in El Dorado County.



D brought out peach ice cream for dessert! It seems R made some and brought it over today. Delicious!

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