Grilled chicken thighs and rice; cucumber salad – 12 July 2012

Our friend M is staying with us, and made this wonderful chicken dinner. He marinated about 4 lb of chicken thighs – about 6 quite large thighs (“thundering thighs” per D) – and grilled them on our range’s grill.

Here is what was in the marinade. It was not particularly measured, so the quantities are very rough guesses. M said he would have put it all in a mortar and ground it with a little liquid if he’d found our mortar – but he didn’t, so instead he cut things up fine.

Lemon grass: remove outer stems and take out dirt – quarter one stem lengthwise and then chop sideways – perhaps 1/4 cup. Cilantro root – in this case stem b/c didn’t have root – a similar amount to the lemon grass, perhaps a couple Tbsp. Garlic – 2 lg cloves. Fish sauce – 2T or s0. Soy sauce – a couple of tsp. A tsp of sugar – not much. A shake or 2 of salt -1/4 tsp if that.

M marinated this in a plastic bag for about 3 hours, mostly in the fridge, and then grilled it, and cut into bite-sized slices. D made a dipping sauce: fish sauce, lime juice, sugar and water; (Vietnamese book).

M made a cucumber salad: rice wine vinegar, a little water – perhaps 1/10 of the volume, a little bit of sugar; a little bit of chili; cilantro, a splash of soy. would have put shallots in if he had it.

Here’s M plating the chicken. It was served with Thai jasmine rice, and the cucumber salad and dipping sauce.

D chose our Bear Boat Riesling for dinner, and we also had a bottle of Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc – quickly becoming a favorite – for “cooking wine” (wine to drink while cooking).

Strawberries and homemade (leftover, actually) vanilla ice cream for dessert!

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