Swordfish with red pepper aioli; zucchini with onions; Thai jasmine rice – 13 July 2012

Our friends M&N are staying here en route to their getaway in Marin, and D&I cooked dinner tonight while M was picking up N at the airport: Grilled swordfish marinated in chili/cayenne, topped with a roasted red pepper aioli, and served over Thai jasmine rice. This is from Weber’s Art of the Grill.

I suggested this meal b/c I love it and people who have it tend to feel the same way. Cost almost $40 for the $14.99/lb swordfish, but we actually have 1/9 of it left over and will have it for lunch tomorrow (one of the nine skewers, each with 4 cubes of swordfish).

D suggested using up the “used zucchini” – white zucchini I bought in a discount bag a couple of days ago – so I sliced four of them thinly with a Benriner, and D sauteed them with onions – quite a bit. They were totally overcooked, but still tasty.

There were so many skewers I had to put them sideways on the grill.

D bought another bottle of Pomelo sauvignon blanc for “cooking wine” (wine to drink while cooking) and brought up a CalStar 2007 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir for dinner. Both of the wines went very well with the dinner, though we had less opportunity to try the SB.

For dessert, we had some peach ice cream that R made and brought over, with more of the strawberries M bought yesterday.

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