Using up leftovers: omelette/scrambled eggs with red pepper aioli; fresh egg pasta with favas – 18 July 2012

We decided we needed to use up bits and pieces of what was in the fridge.

We had the red pepper aioli from the swordfish dinner a week ago, served over an omelette D made – just 2 eggs total, half and half, salt and pepper, and some Laura Chenel goat cheese, just opened, which we got on our last trip to Costco. It was delicious, if tiny!

Our guests M&N also left us with a pint container of pasta – maybe 1 cm wide noodles, likely made with egg, rolled very thin – with fava beans. I melted some butter and reheated this slowly in a small saucepan, tossing frequently. It worked great.

I cut six slices of an Acme Long baguette and toasted them in the toaster oven, and buttered them.

M&N had bought a wine at the Bowl that is apparently the junior version of one we all liked last night – Allende Finca Nueva – and it was very good – especially an excellent nose. It went well with the meal. We’ll buy another to serve tomorrow, when we have a major group-cook.


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