Pizza with tomatoes, goat cheese, and herbs – 21 July 2012

We were out of bread again, so I decided to make a pizza to use more of the Costco (Laura Chenel) goat cheese and great Odoriko tomatoes from Miyashita Farms.

This is a recipe from The Cheese Board’s excellent recipe book. After precooking the crust 1.5 minutes. I put 4 oz of grated mozzarella (part skim) over the crust, then scattered very thin-sliced onion (yellow, though red is an option I didn’t have a red) actually it’s supposed to be “1/4 of a small onion” for one pizza about 12″ – 14″. Then thin-sliced tomatoes – one large and part of another large Odoriko, salted and peppered – another 2 oz of mozz, and 2 oz of goat cheese, in “almond sized” dollops scattered around the pizza.

This I baked about 6 minutes but left in the oven for a minute or more after turning it off. I brushed the edge of the crust with live oil instead of the called-for garlic oil. R missed the garlic, and thought my usual technique of an underlayment of garlic oil would have made it perfect. OK, so I should do that next time. The final step is to strew finely minced herbs over the top. These were about 1/4 cup total loosely packed parsley, thyme, marjoram, and orgegano, finely minced. The result was very good, though not the best pizza I’ve ever had.

Since R decided to join us, I added in a salad: the rest of a head of romaine, several leaves from one of our lettuces from the garden, two picholine olives each from… the Bowl I think, and 1/3 of a small avocado for each of us. I made a dressing of olive oil and red wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

D chose the Villa Antinori Toscana 2007, which we found at Costco, since he knew R really likes it. He also brought out 250 ml of Ol’ Red for “cooking wine’ (wine to drink while cooking!).










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