Personal pizza with add-on – 25 July 2012

D was not having dinner tonight so I decided to have a personal pizza. At the time I decided that I had no idea what kind it would be, be I had bought a bag of discounted Japanese eggplants at the Bowl, so that suggested a possibility.

I ended up grilling one of the eggplants, sliced lengthwise into four slices, brushed with olive oil and salted and peppered, also defrosting two cubes of red pepper puree and a 2 1/2 oz chunk of part-skim mozzarella. D defrosted a mini-dough for me before I got home, and all I had to do was warm it so it would rise a bit. It turned out to be part-whole wheat. I pre-cooked the dough 1 1/2 minutes at 500, and then brushed with oil left over from the little bowl D put it in to rise, and topped with about 2/3 of the cheese, dollops of the two red pepper puree cubes, three of the four slices of eggplant, and more of the cheese. After about 5 minutes more in the oven, I served the pizza, but then remembered I should have put the torn basil leaves over it.

I had some of each of the pieces (except crust) left over and was devising a nice work lunch, when I remembered I would not be at work during lunch tomorrow – so I fixed it tonight. I put a bit of red pepper puree over the remaining eggplant slice, topped with some of the torn basil, and a small amount of mozzarella, and threw it in the same oven (lower down) as the pizza. It turned out to be really good, though one might want to lower the salt in the puree a bit if this were the intended use. I actually liked this better than the pizza, presumably b/c the pizza crust was not terrific.

I had the last 1/3 bottle of the Volteo Tempranillo/Cab we opened last night, and really enjoyed it.

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