Gazpacho; goat cheese crostini – 9 August 2012

The forecast made today one of the hottest of the summer (not so hot, but still the hottest) and I also finally got Dirty Girl Produce dry-farmed early girls at the Berkeley farmers’ market on Tuesday. Gazpacho!

Turned out we still had 3 cups of tomato juice – half a can – in the freezer from last summer, when we got gazpacho weather only once {{sigh}}. D bought the large green pepper, “2 1/2 cucumbers” (= one English), and 10-12 scallions, at the Bowl. You are supposed to peel and seed the tomatoes, but I’m too lazy. I just diced them – nine of them, as they’re rather small (supposed to be four large)-  to something resembling 1/4″ pieces. Sliced the scallions (white and green); diced the green pepper to 1/4″. Dressing is: 1-2 cloves garlic ( I used one monster clove) cut up and made into a paste in mortar with 1 tsp salt, with the subsequent addition of 1/4 cup red wine vinegar and 1/3 cup olive oil. Mix well and pour over the cut veggies; stir to coat. Add the 3 cups tomato juice (I think this is Campbell’s) a couple squirts of Worcestershire sauce and a couple squirts of Cayenne (Tobasco sauce), and 1- 1 1/2 cups water. Chill. Eat!

Thinking that some protein would be a nice addition, I tried to figure out how to use some of the cheese we have, and decided that goat cheese on bread would be a good start. Remembered a bit of Cheese Board sourdough baguette I froze last weekend, and worked with that. I cut 10 thinnish slices of baguette and toasted them till crusty but not totally dry in the toaster oven; cut maybe 3/4″ off a Laura Chenel chevre log and mixed with some dabs of whole milk till it seemed soft and spreadable, and spread it on the cooled toasts; dabbed on a small bit of California sun-dried tomatoes (that’s the brand, not necessarily the provenance), and topped with strips from two moderately large basil leaves. They were good!

We had talked about the possibility that a white wine would be good, but we both decided that red was fine. D chose an old favorite of mine, Valreas, a Cotes du Rhone Villages we get from Trader Joe’s for an astonishing $5 or so. Interestingly, I was staring at an old Valreas bottle when we discussed this over the phone, and thought that would be a good choice, so obviously I liked the idea 🙂

We also ate up the rest of the sourdough baguette, and finished off Tuesday’s no-knead bread. Later, D made up dishes of Ciao-Bella lemon sorbet, which he had in the freezer – a pleasant denouement. In the picture, it’s sitting on an article from the SF Chron about the Woody Guthrie family tour, and that’s Arlo on the left, from a very old photo.

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