Elicoidali with grilled basil chicken and tomato sauce – 11 August 2012

I wanted to grill something for Saturday dinner, and also wanted to avoid the default beef short ribs I’ve used on multiple such occasions recently. I got a humongous bunch of basil at the farmers’ market in South Berkeley on Tuesday, and ran across a basil-marinated chicken recipe while looking through one of my Weber grilling books (the red one). That was it.

Chicken breasts are marinated in Cuised basil, garlic, oil and white wine vinegar, salt and pepper. After grilling, they end up in a pasta (penne) sauce based on a can of tomatoes, with garlic, onions, red wine, salt and a lot of pepper, some crushed red pepper flakes, and a secret ingredient of anchovies, cut very small. I almost forgot the grated parmesan at the end, and D kindly set it up in the grater for me. The pasta was good with the cheese.

This turned out to be very good. D thought the picante tastes should be tuned down just a bit, but I thought the level was ok. [Added later: when had for lunch, D, and also R, thought the picante taste was just right. I was not under the impression it was different, but D thought it had mellowed. Either that or D mellowed, or it was no longer an unexpected tastc.]

I was going to cook up some green beans that D bought, but was too lazy or too busy with the main recipe – you decide – so just cleaned up a carrot, the rest of what could be salvaged from a cucumber that already had (undetected) soft spots when we bought it for the gazpacho, and a stalk of celery, and we munched on those before and during dinner.

D chose a Sean Minor Pinot Noir that we got for about $11 when we were in Mendocino, and it was great with the meal. We also had a bit more of an Acme Sweet Rustic baguette that I bought for lunch (and dinner) this morning.

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