Omelette with tomato and arugula; braised leeks with vinaigrette – 15 August 2012

We still had bread, so instead of a pizza, I decided an omelette with arugula and tomatoes would be good.

I cut up about half a medium red onion into small dice, and cooked it in butter in a 10″ frying pan, a bit in advance. When D was ready to cook the omelette, I added the diced Odoriko tomato, salted it and cooked just a tiny bit, and then added a large couple of handfuls of wild baby arugula and let it cook down just a bit. D mixed three eggs, and I assume milk, salt and pepper, and added shredded “fresh mozzarella” – an unbrined, shrinkwrapped kind I used in the caprese last night, but bought for a pizza still to be made. To use up more arugula. D did not incorporate the topping into the omelette, but placed the omelettes onto the (heated) plates and spread the tomatoes and arugula over. It was perfectul scrumptious!

I went looking for a veggie to have with this, thinking I would just cook some green beans, but then I saw the leeks I bought more than a week ago at the farmers’ market. I decided to braise them using a recipe I knew was in The Victory Garden Cookbook. It turned out to require a Dijon vinaigrette, which, by massive coincidence, E, having arrived about 30 hours previously, had made for our salad for lunch – but a bit too much. Just enough too much, it turns out. So anyway: leeks, cut to edible portions only, in a buttered pan, immersed in stock to cover halfway up (I used the tiniest frying pan for 4 leeks, added a cup of water and a chicken boullion cube) and cooked “8-12 minutes” which is to say – till time to serve them, whenever that is. I cut the leeks in half lengthwise and poured the vinaigrette over them.

D sliced the bread from I think Monday and made four toasts in the toaster oven, and buttered them minimally. We ended up slicing the rest of the bread (three very thin slices) and using it to sop up the nice juices on our plates.

D chose a wine whose provenance we are not sure of. (“Bordeaux,” says D.) Might be a Costco wine? It’s called Chateau Saint Antoine (2008), and it cost $8.99. It was good, but wanted to breathe more than it did before dinner. Would be happy to get some more as long as we remember this!

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