Panini; Romano beans; tomatoes – 21 August 2012

We had a relatively busy afternoon, with signing the refi documents, so I planned on something easy. Ended up making it even a bit easier. We are out of frozen pesto cubes, so I decided to buy basil at the South Berkeley farmers’ market today and make some. I was going to use this in a panino, split between D and me, with a red pepper puree cube and some Fontina Valle d’Aosta. I bought two mammoth bunches of basil for $1 each (was going to get one, but for $1/bunch???) but spent so much time cleaning one of them, it got very late and I decided to skip making the pesto (basil still wet) and just use julienned basil on the panino. I probably cut (crosswise) 20 or so large leaves, and it was not too much. I defrosted one cube of red pepper puree, and cut thin slices from a chunk of fontina that I bought at The Cheese Board a couple of weeks ago. I have found that putting on a thick layer of cheese is not optimal for these sandwiches, so I cut 1/8″ or thinner slices.

I cut the defrosted Semifreddi ciabatta roll twice – once to flatten the top, and another time to make it into two “breads”. I put the basil on the bottom part, so the melted cheese would hold it in place, and spread the defrosted red pepper puree on the top half. Then I laid the pieces of fontina over the basil julienne, topped it with the red pepper/bread, and grilled in my panini press till done.

I found Romano beans at the Dirty Girl Produce stand, and they looked great, so I bought a goodly batch. What was left after D snacking on raw ones served the two of us well. I washed and trimmed the beans, then steamed them 4 minutes. Less would be ok, too, especially if they will sit (cooking themselves) for awhile before the next step. I cut the bean in thirds and warmed them in butter, salt and pepper. They were terrific!

I also cup up two dry-farmed early girl tomatoes from Dirty Girl, just for a treat, and they were, of course, fabulous.

D chose a bottle of Ol’ Red, which was delicous and great with the meal. Thank you, Grocery Outlet.


















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