Spaghetti with parsley pesto; grated beets with lemon, butter and parsley; snow peas – 18 October 2012

Using-stuff-up dinner here, but it was quite yummy.

I cooked 5 oz of spaghetti and D tossed the rest of his parsley pesto over it, plus some additional olive oil. It needed a bit of salting, but otherwise was quite tasty.

I found three beets from a bunch of veggies a farmer gave D at the market recently, as a downpayment on earrings; I used a Victory Garden Cookbook recipe – peeled and coarsely grated them, cooked in about 3 Tbsp butter and juice from half a lemon, covered, for maybe 10 minutes, salted, peppered, and topped with chopped parsley. I used a bit too much of the flat-leaf parsley, but I wanted to use it up and actually thought I’d have too little of it, remarkably enough. I also dug up the rest of the snow peas, and resurrected every bit I could from them, and cooked them in butter for just a couple of minutes, salted, and later, peppered. Delicious dinner!

D chose a Bordeaux from Grocery Outlet from Chateau Larkan (2010), which we’ve had before. Good wine, drinkable, but nothing to write home about.

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