Beef stew; baby bok choy – 3 December 2012

Knowing I’d be at work late, I planned to have leftover beef stew tonight. Which was a good idea.

main121203I heated up the stash I’d made for the occasion. I bought five baby bok bhoy heads at the Bowl on Friday and I washed and cut up three of those into about 1″ pieces, and cooked them in about 1 Tbsp of butter, with a bit of salt, until they were seriously cooked.

bread121203D made a new no-knead bread today. He thinks he used (yesterday, when mixing the dough)  2 cups Central Milling Company white flour and 1 cup King Arthur bread flour (blue), adding in the Grape Nuts fines (not visible in the bread!).

wine121203D picked out another of the new “tester” wines we got at Vino yesterday: Chateau Bas L’Alvernegue, Coteaux d’Aix en Provence, 2010. It’s a really delicious light red wine, and cost only $9.95 – imported by Grape Expectations, which usually suggests a winner. Bonus: only 12.5% alcohol! So we will definitely buy more of this one.

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