Chicken piccata; baby bok choy – 5 December 2012

I was thinking of making that chicken “bruschetta” with grilled tomato and lettuce, but realized that the choreography of leftovers would not work well at this point. I decided to defrost the chicken (2 breasts in a Costco packet) anyway and make chicken piccata with capers.

main121205I used the recipe as written except: I left the chicken in the cast iron frying pan after browning it, and just cooked everything all together, and I doubled the capers and lemon juice.

121205-chickenprepI took out the leftover Thai jasmine rice from the grilled pork dinner and microwaved that (with a bit of water added for steam). I also washed (almost unnecessary!), sliced crosswise, and sauteed in butter, two moderate heads of baby bok choy that I got at the Bowl last Friday. All good.

wine121205Since white wine is used in the recipe and also goes well with the meal, I brought up a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc that we got at Costco, “Kim Crawford” 2012. It’s a delicious wine, but not quite at the price point I’d like for a Marlborough SB. Only 12.5% alcohol, which is really good for nowadays, so we finished off what was not in the chicken. Tomorrow I’ll make a pasta with the leftovers.

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