Risotto with mushrooms and leftover ham – 4 February 2013

D cooked a delicious risotto tonight.

main130204He cooked scallions and mushrooms in oil, then added the few remaining small slices of Kentucky Legend ham that I had defrosted last week or so (cut up!). He used the chicken stock he made when I cut the fat and bones and skin from the chicken thighs more than a week ago. He added some Cinzano which he said is a vermouth. Anyway, it was a wonderful meal.



He bought an Acme Upstairs Bread today, and I really enjoyed having it again. We had this bread the first day we ate breakfast in our house when we raised it up to two stories, and before there was a first story.




D chose a Trentatre Rosso that he bought on the weekend at Trader Joe’s. It was quite enjoyable.

130204-pearHe brought out a lovely pear, and four teeny “Buddy’s” mandarins for dessert.


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