Four-cheese pizza; brussels sprouts – 9 February 2013

I made what I had planned for tonight, despite having had a pizza from Arizmendi – definitely not planned – last night. I went to the Bowl for tomatoes and the produce guy said the Odorikos from Miyashita Farms were good. I bought two darker ones that were a bit soft, but ended up being tasty, and some more normal looking ones that turned out to be pretty young and tasteless. There is one I didn’t use, so I will try putting it in the sun to ripen as my Mom does.

The pizza dough was elongating oddly, so I rescrunched it and tried just rolling it out, which I pretty much never do. I did my usual thing of pre-cooking it at 500 degrees for 1 1/2 minutes, and it blew up like a pita or flat(?)bread, though I had pricked it many times with a fork. Evidently not deeply enough!

I cut one smallish red onion into thin slices with my Benriner and cooked it down a bit, but not to doneness, in olive oil, and arranged these over the pre-cooked crust. I cut up two stems-worth of marjoram leaves from the garden, and strewed them over the onions on the crust. I grated about 2 oz fontina valle d’Aosta, and the same of provolone picante, and 1 oz of parmaggiano. I mixed these up and put them on next. Forgot to dot with bits of gorgonzola dolce, but added slices of Odoriko tomatoes, which I salted and peppered. I cooked this about 1 12 minutes before noticing the unopened gorgonzola. I removed the pizza from the oven and dotted it with bits of gorgonzola, then cooked about another 3 1/2 minutes. It was good, but not great. I did forget to coat the crust initially with 2 Tbsp garlic oil, which would have made a difference.

I boiled up some trimmed and halved smallish Brussels sprouts for 5 minutes, then drained them and reneated in 1 Tbsp butter with salt and pepper. They were delicious!

D took R’s suggestions last week and bought Trader Joe’s Barolo for $13.99, and we had that tonight. It was very smooth, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Must get more of this. It says Rocca dell’ Olmo 2008.



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