Panini with roasted red pepper puree, fontina, and onions; Brussels sprouts – 10 February 2013

Had to be a quickie tonight as I am working on upgrading my lectures in two courses, and that is a lot of work. Plus the usual weekend stuff – laundry and ironing and all that. We were out of bread, so I pulled a frozen Semifreddi ciabatta roll from the freezer (still happy after 2 months) and made a panino, which, when cut in two, rates as panini. To use these rolls, we cut a layer off the top of the roll and then cut the roll into two slabs. I just served the top slice as a tiny bit of extra bread. I defrosted an ice cube of roasted red pepper puree (red peppers, grilled, peeled, and seeded, salt, oil, puree) and put that on top. I cut a few slices of red onion with the benriner and put that on the bottom. In the middle I put some cheese-planed fontina valle d’Aosta – not too thick, which I have found not to be a pleasing texture. I grilled this on my panini press, then cut in half for the two of us. I trimmed and halved all the rest of the Brussels sprouts, since leaving a few of them seemed silly, and boiled 5 minutes in salted water. I drained them and added a Tbsp of butter, and heated them over moderately high heat so they would brown up a bit. Also salted and peppered early in the reheating. D chose a wine he got recently from Trader Joe’s, aVin de Pays d’Oc called “Sainte Croix.” It’s a Syrah-Merlot (50/50) from 2010. It’s smooth and tasty with no negatives. an astonishing buy at $4.99. We had some teeny mandarins for dessert. I had 3!



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1 Response to Panini with roasted red pepper puree, fontina, and onions; Brussels sprouts – 10 February 2013

  1. sani panini says:

    This sounds delicious!

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