Young broccoli with a soft-boiled egg; leftover rice with mushrooms – 13 February 2013

D took over cooking, partly because this is a hard week at work for me, and partly because he had some ideas for things to cook, notably this nifty young broccoli he got at the farmers’ market yesterday. He sort of undercoked the broccoli – may have just stir fried it, without any water – and then poached an egg directly in boiling water and served it over the broccoli. The egg was well enough done that it had a solid white, but the yolk was just perfectly runny. It was a very good dish; I’m glad he took over and made it. He also cooked up some leftover rice that has been in a saucepan in the fridge for… I don’t know how long. Anyway, he just cooked up some sliced white or brown mushrooms and onions, and then added int he cooked rice. It was very tasty. We had one more slice of the no-knead bread from Monday, which is still fine, though a bit heavy. He chose a Trader Joe’s wine from Epicuro, their Nero d’Avola (2010) which I really enjoyed. Good dinner.



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