Tomato basil sauce with shaved daikon radish – 14 February 20132

Last weekend on our favorite trail, I heard two men discussing a recipe. I commented that it was a great “I love Berkeley” moment – you get cooking tips on a hiking trail – and one of the guys repeated the recipe. Cook up your favorite tomato sauce with basil, then use a carrot peeler to shave thin slices of daikon radish, and cook these in the sauce for 5 minutes. Looks like pasta, but certainly doesn’t taste like pasta!

So D tried this tonight. It was interesting but we didn’t love it. The radish dis not get mushy, but still had a substantial bite to it, after, D says, more than 5 minutes. Neither of us thought the tastes were all that great for each other. I thought it might be a good appetizer, with some tweaking. Seems to me not to want to be eaten in quantity, but as a little taste burst. Anyway, cool to try it, but not going into our regular rotation.


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