Lentil and chorizo soup; kale – 18 February 2013

I found this recipe in the most recent issue of Cook’s Illustrated, an excellent magazine that I think of as the Consumer Reports of recipes. The writer wanted to make a soup where the lentils didn’t get all mushy and the sausage kept its flavor. He succeeded! The ingredients include sherry vinegar and sweet Spanish paprika (pimenton), as well as Spanish chorizo, flavored with pimenton and vinegar rather than the chorizo with Mexican flavors.

I cut 15 stems of kale from the backyard – maybe 5″ leaves this time. These were the largest on the plants, and, having found how delectable the small leaves are, I decided to use these up now. They were quite delicious, though not quite as tender as the tiny ones, of course. I stemmed them and cut into perhaps 2″ pieces, boiled in salted water 5 minutes, drained, cooked a clove of minced garlic in the same pan in a Tbsp of butter briefly (could do for a minute, but didn’t) and added back the kale. Salted, stirred, served on heated plates.

The obvious wine for this was Protocolo, an old favorite we get at the Bowl. Both of us thought of having this wine, and fortunately there was one in the basement. It was a 2010.


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