Panini with new Calabrian sausage; Brussels sprouts – 24 February 2013

D and I cooked this together again. That’s nice. He bought some Semifreddi ciabatta rolls this morning at the Bowl, and we had one for lunch and one for dinner. To make panini, we cut the domed top of the rolls (seen as the bit of bread on the plate) and then cut the roll in half horizontally to make two slices of bread. D made aioli, cooking a sliced clove of garlic in oil briefly and gently, then mixing with Hellman’s mayonnaise. I put that on the bottom bread of the panino (we made one and then cut it into two pieces). I got Calabrian sausage today from Christopher Lee, and cooked one of these 12 minutes in a bit of oil, slowly – on medium low for our range, given that “low” is practically equivalent to “no heat.’ I sliced the sausage crosswise into 1/4” or smaller slices – about 16 of them – and arranged them atop the aioli, then topped with part-skim mozzarella and grilled on my panini press till done. This was delicious! The sausage has a hint of hot, but not so much as to overwhelm the delicious taste.

We trimmed some Brussels sprouts and washed them, then cut in half and boiled 5 minutes in salted water. D recooked these briefly in the oil in the pan where we cooked the sausage. These sprouts needed a bit of salt, but were really good cooked this way.

D chose a Valpolicella he got recently from Trader Joe’s, and we really enjoyed it. It says “Pasqua, A family passion,” and also Valpolicella Ripasso (2010). It cost $8.99.


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