Omelette with Chervil and Fontina Valle d’Aosta; Chard – 5 March 2012

I called D as I was leaving work at 7:15, and he was just on the way home, too. I got home and he had washed up some of the chard from our friend A at the garden at work, and brought in a large pile of chervil that volunteered in the garden (D planted it last year). He made an omelette, using three eggs, some of the whole milk he has for his lattes, salt and pepper, chervil, and grated fontina valle d’Aosta.

main130305He boiled water in, oddly, the cast iron frying pan, popped in the chard, which he had cut crosswise into a few pieces each, and covered the pan with the cast iron lid from our Dutch oven. He drained the chard and I think put butter on it before serving. I cut the end of the Acme Italian loaf into five pieces (some are more equal than others) and toasted them in the toaster oven, and buttered them.

wine130305D chose a Trader Joe’s wine we’ve had recently, a Bordeaux Superieur from Chateau Moulin de Beausejour (2011). Pleasant and drinkable wine. A good deal at $6.99.

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