Roast chicken and mixed mostly-root vegetables – 9 March 2013

D decided to roast a chicken, so he would have some materials for dinners this week, as well as an elegant and delicious dinner for a Saturday night. He bought a free-range chicken this morning and immersed it in salt water all day in the fridge to brine it. He roasted the chicken atop root and other veggies for about an hour at 450.

main130309The veggies included turnips (see below for the fate of the leaves), a leek, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, and some carrots from the farmers’ market that the farmers said were not as sweet, so “cooking carrots”.

130309-chickenandveggiesThe only problem was that some of the carrots and some of the potatoes were not cooked well enough. Most of the veggies were perfect, but perhaps they needed to be stirred just a bit more often. Delicious dinner in any case.

wine130309D chose a wine we bought from Eric Stauffenegger (aka Vigneron Imports), a Vin de Savoie called Chignin Bergeron (2008). It went really well with the meal, and we enjoyed it a lot. It’s only 12.5% alcohol, which is a big plus.




D made a panino for lunch, using a Semifreddi roll other than the ciabatta we usually get – an elongated oval with three slashes diagonally across the top. He used some fontina Valle d’Aosta, sliced white mushrooms, and prosciutto. The prosciutto was some he found as an end hunk for a big discount. He didn’t slice it very thin, and that proved to be an issue for the occasional bite, as some were very tough. D also put olive oil and Dijon mustard on the roll, and grilled it on our panini press.. With the exception of the problematic prosciutto bites, the sandwich was very good.

The other notable thing at lunch (aside from the farmers’ market carrot, which was perfectly lovely) was turnip greens. D used a small Revere fry pan to boil them (never clear to me why he uses a fry pan to boil stuff, but anyway) then drained the greens and recooked briefly in butter and a bit of raspberry vinegar. They were really delicious, and interesting besides, which is why I really wanted to write up this lunch!

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