Asparagus with feta; reheated chicken; potatoes; white sauce – 10 March 2013

D has bought fat asparagus at the Bowl twice recently, and it’s been sitting end-down in water on the island in two little plastic containers. Tonight he decided to make some of it into asparagus with feta.

main130310 wine130310He decided to cut up some of last night’s chicken to have on the side, and also boiled up some potatoes. He made some white sauce to sort of tie together the potatoes and chicken.

We had a bit of the Acme Italian Batard that D bought this morning, and the wine was a Bordeaux, Chateau Du Buisson (2009) from Trader Joe’s. The wine was perfectly drinkable, but nothing to write home about. Perhaps a tad oxidized, and given that, might be worth giving a second chance.

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