More spaghetti with chicken, asparagus, and lemon – 13 March 2013

D wanted to try his neat pasta of last night with more crisply cooked chicken and more lemon. It was great!

For the two of us, he thin-sliced a half lemon and four caperberries, a clove of garlic, and a whole (small) shallot, and cut up about four stalks of fat asparagus into inch-ish lengths. He boiled the asparagus. He cooked the chicken in oil till it was crispy, then removed it and cooked a shallot in the oil, then returned the chicken and asparagus into the pan, added the garlic, lemon, and caperberries, and cooked a few minutes. He served this over cooked spaghetti. It was scrumptious! We also had a slice of the Acme Upstairs Bread that D bought yesterday.

We had talked about having this with a white wine. D brought up a bottle of BearBoat’s 2008 Riesling, which we got at Grocery Outlet last year. I thought this was a weird choice, since we treasure the BearBoat as an accompaniment to Thai food. It’s kind of sweet. We decided to go ahead and try it with the meal, and it went better than I thought it would. Nevertheless, I think there are better uses of this limited resource, and would have liked to have a less specialized wine instead.

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