Skirt steak with cumin rub and arugula “gremolata”; asparagus with feta – 16 March 2013

D made a very good “Christmas” dinner, to go with my Christmas present of a wine-of-the-month. He decided last night, since we were going to Berkeley Bowl in the morning for a case of wine (have to arrive at 9 or it will be too crowded) that one of the wines should be a “Christmas” wine. Also since it is asparagus season, we should have roasted asparagus with feta, and since that is meant to go with the cumin rubbed skirt steak, we should have that, too. We bought a mega bag of beautiful baby arugula at the Bowl, and also I forgot that the skirt steak recipe includes a cilantro sauce. So D decided to devise an arugula sauce instead. He made a mixture based on gremolata, but with chopped arugula instead of parsley. He also had garlic, and lemon: both ultra-thin slices and juice, (perhaps use just the zest and juice next time?). He used my suggestion , written on a previous use of the recipe, to double the cumin rub for the steak, but do not double the salt. He grilled the steak perfectly, so it had rare spots, but was mostly cooked nicely. He really regretted not making a potato to go with the meal, thinking it would be great with the “arugulata.”

The wine was good, but, according to D, minutely corked, a condition he is exceptionally sensitive to. I thought it was fine, though on one mouthful I did see what he was perceiving. The wine is German, and was noted at the Bowl for hints of I think graphite. ?!? Anyway – very good wine, I thought. D also chose a loaf of Acme Italian Batard from the Bowl, and it was its usual wonderful self.


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