Cannellini bruschetta; ricotta salata with favas; kale – 25 March 2013


I wanted to use up more of the cannellini beans I cooked up on Saturday, and also more of the favas D bought last week, before they respectively go bad.

I decided to make a bruschetta by mashing some of the cannellini and adding in some whole ones plus some olive oil. I did this early, and they were room temperature by dinnertime. I cut the middle slices out of a beautiful loaf of Acme Pain au Levain and grilled them on our range grill, turning and moving about constantly, so they did not burn in places and fail to cook in others. Then I drizzled about a tsp of olive oil over each slice, and spread the cannellini mash over them. I shelled the remaining favas, having decided to cook them all but not remove the final “wrappers” for the ones I was not using tonight. I cut two sliced of ricotta salata for each of us, something like 1/8″ thick and put the beans over them. I asked d if I should quit or pop out more of the beans, and he kept saying “more” to the point where it was pointless to keep any of them. So they’re used up now. I drizzled a tsp of oil over each serving, and ground some pepper over them before serving.

On my tour of the fridge, I also found a pretty little bunch of kale I’d caught sight of at the Bowl on Saturday, and we bought on impulse, just b/c it looked so nice, I carefully washed and stemmed the leaves and tore them into good-sized pieces, then rewashed, and boiled them 5 minutes in well salted water. I sliced one smallish clove of garlic, heated it briefly in butter, and recooked the drained (aggressively – I squeezed some of the water out with t wooden spoon) kale in the butter and garlic. I rather quickly turned down the heat to low (on our range, practically not cooking) and covered the pan so the kale would stay warm but would not burn. It was delicious! D thought this randomish meal was perfectly fine 🙂

He chose another wine from Trader Joe’s, and it was good: a Barbera d’Asti, 2010, from Rocca dell’Olmo. We haven’t had it before, but it is likely worth buying again. No idea the price, however, as it was not written on the back of the bottle in our usual fashion.

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