Teglia di zucca e formaggio; salad with walnuts and Roquefort – 27 March 2013


R spotted this recipe in La Cucina Italiana (Italian version) from Dicembre 2012 (p. 74), and thought I should make it. It was very tasty, but needed more cooking than it said. I also thought there might be more egg mixture, though it was actually fine once it was cooked.

The recipe starts with 500g squash (after peeling and seeding), which you slice a couple of millimeters thick. (I think I should try out the Benriner if I make this again, b/c some pieces were pretty thick, and may not have cooked as well.) You mix 2 egg yolks and one egg (revise this to two eggs for the future), a couple of generous teaspoons of grated Grana Padano, 80g of cream, and 30g of milk, and unspecified salt and pepper. I added 1/4 tsp salt, but R thought it needed more, and I agree. One possibility is to toss the squash slices in salt. Alternatively, just add more salt to the egg mixture.

In a generously buttered baking pan (I used my medium Corning ware dish, perhaps 23 cm on a side) I layered 1/3 of the slices of Kabocha squash, then something like 1/3 of the egg mixture, which didn’t remotely cover the squash, then more squash, more egg mix, a final layer of squash, and the rest of the egg mixture (seeing that there was minimal egg mix, I saved more than 1/3 for this end). I put perhaps 1/8 cup, maybe as much as 1/4 cup?, more of Grana Padano over the top and baked in a preheated oven at 350 for something like 25 of the appointed 35 minutes. Poking it and seeing it was not likely to be cooked through in the next ten minutes, I upped the temperature to 400 degrees. Eventually, the squash was in the oven about 45 minutes, the last bit at 400 degrees. Most of it was cooked just perfectly; one corned was not quite done. The top had crusty bits and was very nice. Ultimately, we enjoyed this dish, but: more salt; more temperature; conceivably more egg but possibly not.

D’s boredom with squash is that there is no texture, so he suggested a salad with nuts. I used Romaine, walnuts, and a vinaigrette of olive oil, red wine vinegar, and Societe Roquefort from the Cheese Board. It was good 🙂


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