Spaghetti with tomato sauce, with mushrooms and Calabrian sausage – 4 April 2013


D bought a bargain bag of tomatoes on Monday at the Bowl, and blanched and peeled them, and then today he made them into a sauce, with onions, fresh rosemary and thyme, and some wine that was good enough for cooking but not for drinking (either oxidized or slightly corked) awhile back. I cut up a quite large brown mushroom into thin strips and then cut them crosswise, and also cut up the portion of the “root” part of the hen-of-the-woods mushroom from last Saturday that was still unused; I cooked these in butter till soft, then added some of the tomato sauce. Meanwhile, I cooked as directed one of Christopner Lee’s Calabrian sausages (6 minutes on a side in butter or ghee, at moderately low heat), split it down the middle ans sliced into maybe 3/16″ slices, and added to the tomato sauce. It turned out to be a delicious sauce!

D bought a loaf of Acme olive bread. We rarely buy the specialty breads like this, b/c they seem less versatile, but we really did enjoy this one. I’m going to make a sandwich with it for work tomorrow.

We had an amazing find of D’s for tonight’s wine: Costco had a favorite Rioja of mine, though I don’t know if we’ve had this vintage before (I could check the old blogs, of course…): Eguia Riserva 2007. It was really good, though (as usual) wanted to be open longer before drinking. We’ll have to run off and get some more b/c it was only $9.99!

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