Spaghetti with leftover chicken, asparagus, and favas – 10 April 2013


We both got home close to 8pm – bad week – but D got home earlier than I did, and had dinner well underway by the time I arrived. He cut up some shallots and cooked them a bit, then added chunks of chicken left over from Saturday’s dinner, then later a few (4?) stalks of asparagus cut into about 3/8″ lengths, and at the end, fava beans that had been blanched for 1 minute so the skins could be removed easily. Doing it over again, he would add the asparagus earlier, or else blanch it a couple of minutes, so it would be cooked more and the flavor would spread through the dish (more important). The texture of the asparagus was neat – just a little bit of crunch – but I can see cooking it more and spreading out the flavor more. D bought an Acme Italian loaf yesterday and we had that with the meal.

D  chose a white wine we have not had before, Rey Santo Verdejo 2011 (Rueda Verdejo). It is marked as costing $10.99, but we don’t know where it came from – Berkeley Bowl? Costco? It was good and interesting, and only 13% alcohol, so if we cna figure out where it came from, we’ll probably get some more.

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