Italian sausage; chard; potatoes with parsley – 11 April 2013


We had to work on taxes, and I didn’t get home till 7, so nothing fancy tonight. I took the last of the 3 bunches of chard I got at Berkeley Bowl last week – amazingly almost entirely still good – and carefully stemmed the leaves and cleaned all the halves, then cut them in two lengthwise and about an inch in size crosswise.  I rewashed these in the salad spinner and spun them to dry a bit, and steamed them a few minutes. I topped with a bit of butter, and they were delicious.

I found two Yukon Gold potatoes with a lot of beginning sprouts on them, and but the sprouts and peels off (lazy). I cut them into perhaps 1/2″ to 3/4″ chunks and boiled about 10 or 12 minutes in salted water, then drained. I dumped all the water out of the saucepan and added about a Tbsp of butter, then put back the potatoes, salted them, and stirred. D took over at this point, and put in about half the parsley I had chopped up, so it would cook a bit, and I later added the rest of the parsley, which was uncooked. Good idea of D’s.

The point of this dinner was to get a pure, unadulterated taste of Christopher Lee’s Italian sausage, which I picked up from him on Monday afternoon. I cooked this sausage in olive oil for about 8 minutes on a side, in a covered small cast iron frying pan, but we left the sausage (on Low/Med low) for another couple of minutes after that, too. We split the cooked sausage between us. D surprised me by saying I could have cooked us each one – he usually resists having a lot of sausage, but he really likes these. Anyway, it was very good, as expected.

D chose a wine he found at Trader Joe’s. It cost $3.99, and was a terrific value at that price – a good wine, with character and an interesting and enjoyable taste. Kind of a gulping red instead of a sipping one, but hey, that works with a sausage dinner. The wine is Grifone Primitivo 2010.

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