Spaghetti with tomato/basil sauce; asparagus with feta – 14 April 2013


tHE nIGHT OF THE tURBO tAX cRASH – and clearly I had the caps lock on, but it does represent the evening effectively, so I’m leaving it.

While I waited on hold for the TT help people for an hour or so, D cooked a nice dinner. He roasted some asparagus ([olive] oiled, salted, and peppered) and topped it with feta, and we had that first. He had turned off the pasta water, but restarted it, and we finished that, too, before the helpdesk answered. (to be fair, it IS the night before taxes are due…) Anyway, D used a recipe from 100 Best Pasta Recipes by Diane Seed. Easiest pasta in the world: heat olive oil, toss in a can of tomatoes, crush the tomatoes with a fork, cook on high 5-10 minutes and no more, so the tomatoes stay nice and red. Add salt and pepper. When the cooking is done, add basil leaves. Fini!

D bought a loaf of Acme Pain au Levain on Friday, but we didn’t need it that night, and I felt bad about it and froze it. It was excellent tonight with dinner – I defrosted it at lunch, about 2pm.

D brought up a “finished with our taxes” bottle of wine, a Villa Antinori Toscana (2009), which we got from Costco. It turned into a “struggling with Turbo Tax” bottle, but it was delicious in any case.

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