Spaghetti with tomato sauce with sausage; kale – 16 April 2013


I realized this morning that I had not frozen the last Italian sausage from Christopher Lee, so I decided just to cook it tonight. I ran through a bunch of options, but at D’s suggestion, I ended up skinning the sausage and cutting it into chunks, cooking it till done, and then adding the little bit of remaining tomato/basil sauce from … sometime. Sunday? So I cooked the sausage in olive oil, then D drained off most of the fat and added the tomato/basil sauce and let these cook together for awhile. I cooked the spaghetti in salted water, ladled water into the bowls to heat them a minute or so before the time was up, and also popped just a bit of pasta cooking water into the tomato sauce, which was slightly on the dry side. Nothing else, just the sauce and the sausage. It was perfectly delicious!

I thought we should use some of the kale which is bolting in the garden, and got about 13 leaves in, washed them and stemmed them, and cut into maybe 2″ pieces. I boiled them in a bit of water for perhaps 5-7 minutes, drained them well, even squeezing water out with a spoon as the kale sat in the colander, then returned to the pan into which I’d put perhaps as much as a Tbsp of butter. I salted the kale a bit, and stirred it till the butter was well spread out into it. We also had more of the Acme Levain D bought on Friday, and that I froze from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

D chose a bottle of Brutocao Hopland Vineyards Zinfandel from 2008, which we got last year at Grocery Outlet for a shockingly low price. It’s a great wine. I just wish we could drink more of it, but it’s so high alcohol we can’t just indulge in a whole bottle on a weeknight. Alas…

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