Omelette with chervil; favas with ricotta salata – 18 April 2013

I came home and started on dinner, but it turned out D had had an idea too, and set up for it at lunchtime. So we combined ideas.

D wanted to use the chervil from the garden in an omelette before it bolted in the heat. He used three eggs for the two of us, and grated in some Fontina Valle d’Aosta, and added some milk, salt, and pepper, then cooked it in butter in the Julia child manner he learned from her original book. I had been thinking of a set of salads, and had started on cooking some favas to have over the rest of the ricotta salata. I shelled the beans, then cooked them in boiling water for 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 1/2 minutes, depending on their size (tossing each in with the appropriate amount of time remaining). After they were cooled, I cut off the tips of the skins and popped the beans out, then served them over 1/8″ or so slices of ricotta salata. I drizzled the beans and cheese with olive oil and peppered them liberally. That’s it.

D had put into the fridge a Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc from Hanna (2012) which he/we had gotten at Costco, I think. He didn’t recall having had this in December (23rd) but I had just reread that post and indeed we did. It’s a fresh and lively SB like Nobilo – a delightful wine. We should get more of it.

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