Foccacia with robiola and pate; salad with avocado and olives – 21 April 2013


I bought Robiola for this dinner a couple of weeks ago, and never found a time to make the foccacia. Finally, we decided on Friday to plan it for tonight. The recipe is from Recipes From Paradise, which is all about Liguria, the northwest coastal region of Italy. I’ve made this foccacia many times. This time I didn’t add any herbs or anything, just the olive oil (too little, I think – didn’t measure it) and large salt on top. It was good, but the right end (west) overcooked, while the other end was great. Not sure about how that happened. D says to try the convection feature in the oven next time.

The robiola was from Cheese Board, and was really excellent with the focacia. I also, by good fortune, was scheduled to pick up some sausages and a pate from Christopher Lee today. We tried out the pate with the foccacia, and it was excellent.

I was running quite late in the cooking, so we actually had the salad before the foccacia was done – half a very large avocado, in chunks,  and a few Nicoise olives, halved, over the interior of a romaine lettuce, and a bunch of arugula leaves – the first from our garden this year (which I planted from started plants about the time the volunteer arugula has usually been tall and ready to eat in other years). There were three more cherry tomatoes from Wild * farms – quite good for this season – left over from last night’s feast, and I just cut them and served them by the side of the salad.

D brought up a Toscana wine, Bere 2009, which is 50% sangiovese, the rest cab and merlot. D thinks this wine is from his recent trip to Costco. It’s quite good.

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