Breakfast for dinner: chorizo, scrambled eggs, and kale – 23 April 2013

I wanted to try out the Chorizo (Spanish style) I got from Christopher Lee last weekend, and also I didn’t have much time to invest in dinner. I decided what the heck, just make breakfast instead.

I cooked one Chorizo sausage for 15 minutes, half on each side, in a bit of olive oil in a small covered cast iron frying pan. We split that. I brought in a bunch of leaves from our volunteer kale in the garden, washed them and destemmed them and cut then into about 1 1/2″ pieces, then boiled in salted water about 5-7 minutes, and drained them. I reheated in some butter before serving, and salted them a bit, notably b/c the butter was unsalted (we ran out of the regular stuff). I mixed three eggs with a goodly blob or two of milk and several shakings of salt (one must know one’s own salt shaker to know how many to use) and a few grinds of pepper, beat them in a rapid, folding sort of stroke with a fork, and cooked them on high in about a Tbsp of butter (salted variety – this was when we ran out). I let the eggs solidify on the bottom, then turn them over to let a new part cook. This works extremely well.

D defrosted the rest of the Acme Italian Batard, and we had slices of that as toast, with butter. This is quite a buttery meal, I must say. Anyway, good toast. We had leftover 1/3 bottles of the Bere Toscana, and the Epicuro Primitivo from the last two nights. I thought the Bere was quite interesting, after being in its small bottle for two days. The Primitivo was fine, but nothing to write home about.

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