Capelletti with sausage, zucchini, and sundried tomatoes; broccoli – 25 April 2013


Sixtieth anniversary of the publication of the structure of DNA. Cool.

I wanted to use at least one of the Italian sausages from Christopher Lee before freezing the rest. I came up with this idea for a pasta while driving home. I thought I had done something like this in the past, but this was not as interesting. Not sure why (not the fault of the sausage, that’s for sure). I cooked one sausage in oil, slowly, in a covered frhing pan, for 15 minutes, turning once. I cut up a medium-sized zucchini, quartering it lengthwise, then cutting into something between 1/8 and 1/4″ slices. I chopped maybe 1/3 of a large yellow onion. I cut into thirds or so about 1 Tbsp of julienned sundried tomatoes in oil. Cooked the onions in olive oil for several minutes until they were translucent, then added the zucchini and cooked till soft. At this point I realized there was an awful lot of zucchini, so I took out some for my lunch at work tomorrow. I added the sundried tomatoes and the sausage, halved lengthwise and then sliced, and some more olive oil, and heated. I cooked the capelletti per package directions (9 minutes), heated bowls with the water, and drained the pasta, then added it to the sausage mixture with a small bit of pasta cooking water, and served. It was good, but not exciting.

I had bought two stalks of broccoli at the Bowl thinking each was one meal, but I realized I could halve one for the two of us, especially since we had zucchini in the pasta. So I did that – but off the florets, peeled the stalk and cut it up, then steamed 5 minutes. I returned the steamed broccoli to the drained pan with 1 Tbsp of butter, salted and peppered it, and reheated it to serve in water-warmed small bowls.

D chose an Epicuro Salice Salentino (riserva 2009) that we got at Trader Joe’s, and it was really good. Better than the wine we had last night and $1 cheaper, too. I’ve definitely liked this one in the past. I think the Salice Salentino is the best of the Epicuro set. But I’ll have to check again 😉

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