Dinner at Riva Cucina – 1 May 2013


D and I had our anniversary dinner at Riva Cucina, one of our favorite restaurants. The chef sent out two gifts for us, and we ordered two entrees and brought our own wine (it was no-corkage night).

Massi sent out this antipasto for us, which was perfectly wonderful:

Cream filled fresh mozzarella, mixed greens, caramelized strawberry tomatoes, balsamico, extra virgin olive oil 11

D ordered this for his dinner:

Slow braised lamb shank with herbs, vegetables, cabernet and tomato, soft polenta 23

and I ordered this (but of course we shared):

Sauteed pork chop stuffed with chard & goat cheese, roasted potatoes, sautéed green beans & Parmigiano 20

Then the wait staffer brought us a dessert, unordered:

“Cooked creme” served with choice of chocolate shavings or seasonal fruit 7

We loved it!

D chose a wine from Clos Saron called “Heart of Stone,” a 2004 Syrah of which only a couple thousand bottles were produced. It needed to breathe quite a bit, but ended up being very good for the meal.

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