Eggplant/aioli sandwiches; salad with eggs and salsice – 7 May 2013


I planned to make these sandwiches if there was enough slice-worthy bread left when I got home – and there was (obviously). When I grilled the eggplant on Sunday and made eggplant/red pepper/feta pasta, I kept aside four really nice rounds of grilled eggplant so I could do this. The bread is Acme Italian Batard, and the sandwiches are dressed with an aioli – a very simple form from Georgeanne Brennan’s Potager. I made a hlaf recipe, but used extra thyme. I probably put 1/2 tsp to 3/4 tsp chopped thyme leaves into it, plus about 3/8 cup mayonnaise and one minced garlic clove. I spread this pretty thick b/c it is a great taste. It turns out we had run out of lettuce, almost, except for a very good several small leaves from the inside of a romaine. I broke those up and went looking for the other batch of lettuce, only to find D had made lunch from it the other day. I stole a few pieces of lettuce from what I had for the sandwiches, and gave the rest to D, along with some eggs I’d boiled, and he made a nice salad with these and chunks of Columbus salsice secche.

We had the final 2/3 of a wine D opened last night in my absence, which was left over from a celebratory dinner for a colleague. I looked it up and it’s from Trader Joe’s, and is well worth its rather low price of $8. The wine is called Kono, and it’s a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc – a name that has earned credibility with me, such that this was the bottle I chose from the party leftovers. Glad I did!

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