Sausage sandwich; kale – 9 May 2013


I knew D would not be home for dinner, so I was on my own. I decided to cook up a sausage from Christopher Lee, and make a sandwich of it. I knew there was no fresh bread, but I bought and froze a panini roll from Semifreddi the other day, so I could use that. I partly defrosted the roll, split it, cut it into two sandwiches, and refroze half of it. I defrosted a Calabrian sausage in the microwave, then cooked it 15 minutes in olive oil on medium low, half the time on each side, covering the small cast iron frying pan with a Revere Ware lid that happens to fit. I put mayonnaise on the sandwich, and also Champagne Mustard made by Honeybaked Hams – which is great, even though it has nothing whatsoever to do with champagne. We were also out of lettuce, so I picked three or four leaves from our arugula plants, stemmed them, and used them as multiple layers of green lettuce substitute. Worked fine.

I also picked some of the larger (all that’s left) kale leaves from the garden, boiled them in salted water (after a thorough cleaning and cutting into one inch x two inch pieces, more or less), then drained as much as I could do quickly, added butter to the hot pan, returned the kale, salted it, and tossed quite a bit to distribute the salt and the butter. It turned out to be perfectly delicious!

I opened a bottle of Two Mile Founder’s Rock, which, having been bought on a discount for a few cases, is affordable as a weekday wine. Great stuff!

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  1. Can’t wait to see pix of this!

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