Penne with cheese sauce and nasturtiums; grilled zucchini strips – 12 May 2013


I bought some excellent Roquefort at The Cheese Board last weekend, and used it, and also the wonderful Fontina Valle d’Aosta, in tonight’s pasta. The Roquefort will reappear in a couple of nights on another pasta or the pizza version of it.

This is from The Pasta Bible, a great and lucky impulse buy from Costco many years back. It has three parts: boil the pasta; melt fontina in reduced cream, then add grated parmaggiano (and S&P); saute minced shallot and garlic till translucent, then add thin strips of nasturtium leaves and flowers, and a minced, dried red pepper. Mix the cooked pasta with the cream sauce (in the pasta pan – it’s hot) and then mix in the nasturtium mix, and serve into warmed plates (use the pasta waterto warm pasta bowls – by the time the pasta is a couple minutes from done, you can steal a lot of the water). OK, four parts: dot the pasta with Roquefort and broil long enough to melt the Roquefort, but not long enough to damage the plates. That’s typically 30 seconds or so, but it depends on the broiler. And the plates.

We ate late tonight, so not too much, but I did add in one zucchini, cut into strips, (olive) oiled, and grilled till soft on the Viking range grill. I do love having an indoor grill – it is so convenient! Not having to think about grilling an hour in advance is terrific, though obviously stuff does not get that great charcoal taste to it.

We had two leftover wines with this meal, and both went remarkably well, though they were very different. The first was Two Mile Wines Founder’s Rock, which I opened Thursday, and then had also for lunch yesterday and today. I was impressed at how much it liked this pasta. The second we think must have been the Protocolo we had a week ago, which was still perfectly happy, in its tiny (250ml) jar.

I bought an Acme Italian Batard today and we had that with the meal – delicous bread!

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