Chicken with tarragon/raspberry vinegar and onions; rice; zucchini – 15 May 2013


I didn’t think this would take as long as it did, but like most cooking, there is just a lot of stuff that needs doing. This morning I defrosted a packet of Costco chicken breasts (we need to wean ourselves from this resource, but I’ll admit they are convenient) which has two large half-breasts in it. I had to finish the defrosting with some microwaving, before splitting the breasts into two or three horizontal slices each for this dish. This is based on a dish from Recipes From a French Herb Garden, by Geraldene Holt, but I have modified it, notably to increase the ratio of sauce to chicken.

I melted something between 2 and 3 Tbsp butter in a cast-iron frying pan and browned the chicken lightly in that (GH says 3-5 minutes, I took longer) then turned down the heat, covered, and cooked through. GH says 10-12 minutes and I’m sure this is plenty. I left it longer, which is not good, b/c I was getting other stuff done. I removed the chicken pieces to a plate in the small oven on its lowest setting (200F), then added a large red onion, chopped into quite small dice, and cooked in the “buttery drippings” for about 7 minutes, wavering between med-high and med-low. Then I added 2 Tbsp each of tarragon vinegar and red raspberry vinegar, and cooked down till it was thicker and slightly syrupy, turned off the heat, and stirred in 2 Tbsp of butter. I shopped two slices of chicken crosswise to serve them over rice (Thai jasmine, cooked 1:2 in water for about 15 minutes – till done) and spooned some of the sauce over the top, then sprinkled on chopped tarragon leaves from the garden.

I have more than half the chicken left over after feeding two for dinner. We can use the chicken with sauce for sandwiches, or make a pasta out of them. Other ideas?

I also sliced up a zucchino and another fraction of one that I got in a bag on special last weekend. I cut these with a Benriner on a thicker than ultra-thin setting, and cooked in olive oil with salt and pepper. Good stuff.

D chose an Epicuro Salice Salentino (2009) from Trader Joe’s – at $4.99, a great deal on a tasty and enjoyable wine.

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