Chicken sandwich with tarragon/raspberry vinegar and onion sauce; broccoli – 16 May 2013


Using the leftover chicken in fine style: I made a double recipe of the onion sauce with butter and two vinegars so as to have some to use with the leftover chicken. I asked D if he could pick up Round Buns from Acme Bakery, and he managed to fit that in – he bought four, so we have two in the freezer for the rest of the chicken.

I microwaved the refrigerated onion sauce from last night so it would not be so solid, and spread most of the rest of it on the two round buns, then cut one breast slice and another small piece of chicken crosswise into about 1/4″ pieces and laid them on top of the sauce. I tore up a large leaf of romaine and stacked the round bun lids on top. They were very good sandwiches!

I cut up one half a large stalk of broccoli, peeling the stem and cutting hte florets and stem into bite-sized pieces. I steamed these 5 minutes, then reheated in butter with salt and pepper before serving.

We had leftover Valreas and Epicuro Salice Salentino with this, and both survived being in their small bottles quite well.

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