Tilapia fillet cooked in salsa – 2 June 2013

Writing this 4 July, from the photos and a pretty good memory…

We had some of D’s fresh salsa left over – no doubt from nachos for a previous day’s lunch – and I wanted to cook fish, and also we had some new Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs we wanted to try. That all added up to this dinner.

main130602130602-prep-fishI bought a tilapia fillet at the Bowl, salted it, cooked it in butter in a cast iron pan for a couple minutes on a side, then added the salsa and cooked for several minutes. Totally easy dinner!






The wine is from Trader Joe’s – a Picton Bay 2012 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. I bought three Marlborough SBs at TJ’s at the behest of one of the staff, who said they all were exactly alike and cost the same. I’d had the Kono at a party, and liked it, and it turned out to be only $7.99. His evaluation was not far off. We liked this wine very well.

Dessert: R brought over a most excellent galette of nectarines and cherries. Wow.

130602-dessert-wholeHere it is on his stove.









Here’s mine 🙂






For lunch we took R over to the French School’s annual fete for lunch, b/c it’s fun and we like to support them as they are good neighbors. I had the couscous plate, with sausage and chicken and who knows what else.

lunchmain130602 wine130602-lunchIt was very good. Also had this wine, which was not exciting.

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