Italian sausage; couscous; cranberry beans – 7 June 2014

I intended to make a broiled pizza tonight, but when I got home, it was obvious the dough had not risen enough. I looked in the fridge and noticed we still had cranberry beans from when I cooked them earlier in the week (I never know for sure what the guys have used up for lunch). I called D to warn him that the broiled pizza experiment was not on for the evening, and that I was wondering what to do with the beans. ‘Beans and sausage!’ he said, reminding me that we have a wonderful stash of sausages by Christopher Lee in the freezer.

main130607-1I chose to use some of his Italian ones; the Boudin go so well with white wine and the Calabrian are spicy, and I didn’t want those with our traditional Friday wine. Italian it was. I also found the rest of last week’s couscous with raisins and stuff, and I microwaved that. I just boiled the beans, which were still sitting in their cooking liquid with a rosemary branch (much the worse for wear) and a few cloves of garlic that were boiled with them. These went well together! Everything liked everything else. So as not to be lacking of bread, I also defrosted the tops cut off the ciabatte on … Wednesday, which were more than enough bread for this meal.

wine130607Last of the Cantina Zaccagnini! We were buying this wine two cases at a time from Costco, but they quit carrying it. I hate Costco’s unreliability. We hope to be able to get more of this locally, though. This bottle was the 2oo8 vintage, and what’s around seems to be 2010, but still good. I was wondering tonight what wine we had actually drunk most of, of all the wines we’ve had, and this is a contender. Also on the list: our Chateau Saint-Sauveur Cotes du Ventoux, and some other favorites like our Protocolo.

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