White “starter” pizza; salad with avocados and olives – 10 June 2013

This is my second attempt at a James Lahey broiled pizza, and it turned out a bit better than the first.

main130610I used the other half of the half-recipe of dough I made late last week, which has been in the fridge in plastic wrap since then. I took this out of the fridge about 3:30, which is to say, more than 3 hours in advance, put it into an oiled bowl, covered with plastic wrap, and set it in the sun. It rose nicely and made big bubbles. The dough was much better than the first time.

About 20 minutes or so before constructing the pizza, I pulled the dough and folded it over on all four compass points, as instructed, then turned it over and balled it up, putting the seam side down. I pressed the dough into a round, but needed to stretch it by hanging it from my fingertips (carefully!) to get it really to stretch out at all. I think I need to start this process earlier, and to stretch it to a 12″ rather than 10″ crust, to get it thin enough to cook quickly.

130610-ingredients-minimalismOn this pizza: placed the dough on flour on the peel, then quickly (before it stuck to the peel) spread 1/4 cup bechamel, then 1/4 cup finely grated parmaggiano, 6 chunks of fresh buffalo mozz (about 1 1/2 oz), a pinch (1/16 tsp) of salt, and six (yes, really) leaves of fresh rosemary. I had waited the 40 or so minutes it took for the oven to get to 500, but when it did, it didn’t reheat constantly, so I think it really got all its parts to 500, albeit slowly. I turned on the broiler for 10 minutes, constructed the pizza in the last 1 1/2 of those minutes, and put the pizza under the broiler for 3 minutes. The dough cooked well where there was no thick, wet mozzarella chunk, but again failed to cook on top where the mozz was. One way around this is to get the stone hotter (broil on a higher rack before moving down to 8″ for the cooking step?), another is to make the crust thinner. Would a thinner crust have a chance of holding its shape while being jerked onto the stone? Dunno, but hope to find out by experimenting.

wine130610-andsaladSame salad as last night – terrific avocado, second half. Good salad.

I noticed this Cotes du Rhone at Grocery Outlet the other day and bought it on spec, and we tried it tonight. It was good, but not so great that we felt the need to run over and buy more before they run out. Will definitely get another few bottles next time we go. It cost $4.99, and is called Tete du Rhone.

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