Spaghetti with Calabrian sausage and zucchini – 11 June 2013

Bowing for once to D’s addiction to pasta, and overcoming my fear of being trapped by bread (i.e. have to have meals to go with bread if you have it, so it won’t go bad), I actually made spaghetti tonight.

main130611I bought an Acme “Long Italian” loaf yesterday for lunch in anticipation of this (and of the fact that otherwise we would have had little for lunch yesterday). We had sandwiches out of the thinner, middle portion of the loaf, and I froze the two ends. We almost used up one end for lunch today (with a Welsh cheddar and also Ewephoria – terrific cheese!) and I defrosted the last bit for dinner this evening. Whew! Such planning, just not to have bread go bad.

bread130611-botandtaken10thI defrosted our last Christopher Lee Calabrian sausage, then noticed I’d let it get too close to warm and cooked it right away – about 8 minutes on each side, at medium-low, covered, in a bit of olive oil. After letting it cool a bit, I put the sausage in the fridge till closer to dinnertime. I minced a clove of garlic, and also sliced up a smallish zucchini, after first cutting it lengthwise. I cooked the garlic in olive oil briefly, then added the zucchini, trying not to let it get overcooked (even turned it off for a bit to let the spaghetti catch up). I tossed in the sausage – likewise split lengthwise and sliced in thinnish (1/8″? fatter than the squash, anyway) slices, and mixed till all way hot. When the spaghetti was a few minutes from done, I ladled some pasta cooking water into the two serving bowls to heat them. wine130611I drained the cooked pasta, returned it to the saucepan with the zucchini/sausage mixture, added some oil and a bit of cooking water (conveniently retained in the serving bowls), then dumped out the rest of the water in the bowls, and served the pasta. I used 5 oz of spaghetti as usual for us, but it seemed to fill the bowls more. Perhaps this was just a greater preponderance of toppings.

Ol’ Red is back! I bought R and us each a bottle at Grocery Outlet on Friday, and R discovered quickly that it was a good batch. He went back for a case for us and some for him. Fortunately, we discovered tonight that we like it, too. It’s $3.99, an astonishing price for a very drinkable, food-friendly wine.

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