Broiled pizza Margherita; zucchini – 12 June 2013

I decided to try another broiled pizza Margherita, since I had kept 1/4 cup of Margherita sauce from last time and also had some leftover fresh buffalo mozz, though much less than the broiled pizza recipe called for.

main130612I wanted to see what would happen with 1) better dough – instead of slavishly following the recipe, I mixed the dough to the consistency I knew it should be, having made no-knead bread so many times; 2) thinner crust – if thinner, it should cook through more rapidly, so I really pushed the dough out to more like 12″ instead of 10″ in diameter (partly this was possible b/c the dough was better); 3) room temperature ingredients – both the mozz and the sauce were at room temperature, so they had to be heated less by the oven, and would rob less heat on its way to the crust; and 4) less mozzarella – since I didn’t have as much anyway, I thought that slicing it very thin might alleviate some of the issues with cooking through it.

The dough was much better cooked, but we both thought the lower quantity of cheese (more like 3 oz than 7) was a detriment to the taste.

130612-settingBecause this is less food than my normal pizza, I added in a veggie – just split, sliced, and sauteed (in olive oil) zucchini, with salt and a bunch of pepper. Good.

We had leftover 1/3 bottles of the Ol’ Red and the Tete du Rhone with this – both worked well, and survived in their little bottles just fine.

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