Broiled pizza with onions, bacon, and fresh mozzarella; salad with avocados and olives – 14 June 2013;

I’m writing this 4 July from photos and comments on nearby posts. I’m sure this was the fourth and most successful of the broiled pizza attempts, based on the ideas and recipes in Jim Lahey’s My Pizza.

main130614I used the second ball of dough, refrigerated in plastic wrap since it was made, from a half-recipe of Lahey’s dough. This makes one “10- to 12-inch pizza.” That’s a pretty bizarre range, since a 12″ pizza is half again as large as a 10″ one. Nevertheless…

My problems with the broiled pizzas have been undercooked crusts. I attribute this to the stone not heating enough, and/or the topping being too thick for the broiling to reach the dough (fresh mozz, we’re looking at you). I decided to try pre-cooking the dough under the broiler 1 minute (after the 10 min pre-broiling of the stone) as I normally do pre-bake my dough about 1 12 minutes at 500 degrees before decorating it. 130614-pizzacloseupThis worked much better, and I got a pretty well cooked dough, even under the mozzarella, and the crust around the edges was crisp on the outside and bready on the inside. Very good. However, this pizza used only 1 1/2 oz fresh mozz and 1/4 cup of bechamel, which is pretty minimalist on the gooey toppings. 130614-settingHowever, will try it again b/c this was promising. I don’t remember the rest of the toppings, but I think they included caramelized onions and pre-cooked bacon or pancetta.

My favorite “regular” salad: avocado, olives (Nicoise, usually) and a dressing of vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. I usually use red wine vinegar, but it looks like this was the time I used balsamic instead.

wine130614Ah – this was a Friday, possibly the first after we ran out of our “Friday wine.” I chose this Eguia Rioja that we got at Costco recently for very cheap – $9.99, I think. We also have a batch from Vintage Berkeley which was $16.99 – which is also pretty cheap. That might have been a riserva. Anyway, love this wine!

130614-dessert-coffeecakeR dropped off a piece of coffee cake before work, and I split it with D for dessert. Very tasty, as always šŸ™‚

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