Pizza with caramelized onions, bacon, and fresh mozzarella; romano beans – 16 June 2013

This is a variant on Friday’s (14th) broiled pizza attempt. I think I liked that crust better, but this one was not up to my usual standards, so not a good experimental comparison, unfortunately.

main130616I used 1/3 of my usual crust recipe. (Normally I have used 1/2 recipe for a pizza, but I am changing that to 1/3 recipe per pizza.) I defrosted the frozen dough in the sun on the kitchen counter, then left to rise in a bowl covered with (reused) plastic wrap, helping it along by setting it in warm water at one point. After stretching out the dough, I left it while the oven preheated to 500, cooked the dough 1 1/2 minutes, then topped it. I used up the last of the bechamel, about the same amount as for the previous two pizzas, then sprinkled on 1/4 cup finely grated parmaggiano. I topped that with 4 oz of sliced fresh mozzarella; this is different. The broiled version used about 1 1/2 oz, presumably in part b/c the mozz prevents the top heat from getting to the crust to cook it. However, I thought th3 4 oz tonight was more than it needed. Might have been just that I didn’t care for this particular brand of fresh mozz (Galbani, from Costco) but I’ll give it more chances before deciding that. I took out a frozen stack of four thick bacon slices and cut off four chunks of about 1/2 inch wide each. When these were defrosted, I cooked them slowly in a bit of olive oil till brown but not crisp. I arranged them among the mozz slices, then placed the onions – cooked as on the 14th – over the rest of the ingredients. Cooked this at 500 for another 6 minutes.

130616-pizzaI thought the crust was a bit tough, but D thought it was fine, oddly enough. Anyway, I think that rather than just stretching out defrosted dough, I should consider doing the stretch and fold over technique with it that one does with the broiled dough – work it a bit, then make a ball and THEN spread out into a crust.

wine130616I cleaned and cut up the last of the romano beans that I got last week, and boiled them 5 minutes in salted water.  They were in a cage-like strainer so I could just lift them out, which I did, and then dumped out the water so it would not steam them. I left them suspended over the pan and dropped in about 1 Tbsp butter to melt in the residual heat. I salted the romanos and reheated briefly in the butter, but they were overcooked. I think start them later, b/c they will continue to cook while hot, and also boil only 4 minutes.

D chose a Trader Joe’s favorite of mine, Valreas (Cotes du Rhone Villages; 2011) to go with this, and it was a good choice.

Father’s Day:

After lunch, R brought over an apricot galette, along with some apricot ice cream, which he had made for D for Father’s Day.

130616-apricotgaletteforfathersday130616-galettewithapricoticecreamBut I got some too 🙂

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